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Little Grand Masters

“How to identify a child’s intrinsic way of learning”?

The real mystery has always been: why were some children learning so much and others very little?

“Little Grand Masters”, is the show of our Future pathways’ Mavericks students - their stories along with ground breaking RESEARCH into brain development and it’s aspects on learning that reveals a pattern of startling transformation.

Episode - 01 | Vedansh & Vivaan Reciting Periodic Table

Studies have shown that the Sensory Learning method helps engage the child instantly while ensuring the maximum attention span.

"Our MAVERICKS" learning approach addresses this aspect by engaging multiple senses simultaneously.

The much-awaited first episode of Little Grand Masters is here featuring our prodigies Vedansh and Vivaan demonstrating the ability to identify random elements just by looking at the symbol.

Episode - 02 Part-I | Master Kushal & Tejashiva - Endagered Animals & Insects

The wait is over and here we present the much-awaited second episode of our #LittleGrandMaster show and this edition also features one of our #GrandMasters with some unique ability to showcase.

In this episode, we have our star #LittleGrandMaster

Kushal Vanama, who has a peculiar keenness for animals and can identify a variety of mammals.

So, enjoy the show we wish you love it.

Episode - 02 Part-II | Master Geethika & Pruthvin - Endagered Animals & Insects

The world of animals and insects is not only strange but also very fascinating. They are endless in number.

However, our little grand master Geethika & Pruthvin share their genius with us by identifying animals across different species with great ease.

We salute their memory and genius.

Episode - 03 | Master Krushi & Aadidev - Vehicles & Paintings

There was a time when we used to remember names, phone numbers, etc. by heart. Call it an intrusion of technology or our ineptitude, we hardly remember things now.

However, our Little Grand Master Krushi H R from Kudlu (Bangalore) is exceptional in remembering many things including vehicles, which are her favorite. She comes with the remarkable ability to correctly tell the name of the vehicle model of even old cars.

Besides, our other Little Grand Master, Aadidev, will put you in awe with the ability to mention the exact name of various paintings.

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